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Headline: "Tax Working Group plan for baches a wealth tax that will rob Kiwis of their dream",

In total 822 comments were made and 15483 votes were cast. So what is the crowd saying?

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People think batches are only owned by the rich. Many are owned by hardworking ordinary kiwi families who wanted somewhere to rest and relax for a few weeks after a hard years work. Some are on Māori land and are charged a yearly lease by the governing body (often a district or city council) of $5000 or more per annum, plus rates and even water charges on top. The council rules often state no renting if the batches to generate income to pay these fees. 
Now a new tax is proposed on top of that. The working class, or those families of lower income luckily enough to have had batches passed down the generations, will be forced to sell. 
So sad. 
Whats happening to this country????17818911Julious
God I cant stand this government. Whats next, taxing people for owning a boat, having 5 bedrooms in a house, or large trees that add value to a property? Whats the purpose of this tax? Just a way of saying I hate that someone is doing better than another person and thus should be penalised for it. 11512510JBloggs
I agree with modern technology governments should be getting smaller not bigger, less staff and buildings needed93963Dougal10
labor and the greens ,, 
 if it moves tax it .
  then spend the money to get votes next time around and  continue to make nz  ers dependent on government support .
 if your working and   no burden on     other nz ers ,, look out you will be made to pay    for your effort 
Theyll have a crack at it though....disgusting to tax an asset such as this. No new taxes Ardern is a joke9010212Jimmybob
Bang on the money there! cut back on travel perks and the fact we keep paying for them after they leave (can never get my head around that)86904rayray24
Any asset tax would be too much. I think we are overtaxed already but if we are to be taxed more it has to be when we actually earn/realise money. Its also frustrating that for most people they would have paid tax while saving to buy a Bach only to be taxed again.
whay do the gov see us as? Magic money machines they can forever squeeze?
85872Throwing stones
Socialist envy is an ugly thing.

Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery Winston Churchill 
How about a tax on artwork? I mean its hanging on my wall at home. Only i get to enjoy it. I should probably pay some tax for that against its deemed value.77803Hamish

The scenario you talk about here is such a typical one. I am outraged at the attitude of this tax group. so many bach owners are just your average hard working kiwis who have kept the bach in their families with absolutely no monetary benefit, in fact they are usually costly to keep. I bought a bach years ago when my parents both died. It is not the sort of house that someone would live in permanently. I bought it for the holidays we could have as a family and also in a way as a memory of my parents who always dreamt of having a holiday home. All its done is cost us money but weve had so many wonderful holidays there. So now we are deemed to be wealthy and greedy in Labours eyes and must pay for it...

This attitude of tax the rich, give to the poor is no inducement for people to grow their businesses, which in turn provides jobs and more income which generates more taxes (sorry Im on another rant not just about baches here).

The tax working group should be recommending taxing charities at the company rate.637714WGTN Observer
Its unbelievable that anyone would even consider this tax, much less put it in writing! Why is a bach any different to any other asset someone may own. They going to tax people who own expensive cars or boats etc?63652Squidwid
WE shall tax them at the beaches. we shall tax them on the land. we shall tax them in the air and on the sea.627311acerkiwi
Why try, just be poor.60655VPutin
someone in goverment,got a bee in their bonnett.from fuel cigarettes alcohol and now batch tax!.it seams like the government doesnt want us to have any money.or a good time.may be call it the good time killer taxes.57614Broken record
So what tax is this tax replacing or is it simply an addition to the plethora of taxes we already pay536512Marcus50
The government is in surplus, in large part due to the fiscal constraint of the previous government, so they dont need more tax revenue. This proposed tax is based on nothing but extreme left wing ideology and envy. 526816JamesClark2
What concerns me, regardless of this and any other WTG recommendation, is why does this Government needs to come up with other ways to Tax... shouldnt they be focused on how better to use the tax they are already collecting?52520da_meerkat

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