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Headline: The Springboks breathe life back into test rugby with stunning upset over New Zealand

In total 1035 comments were made and 12007 votes were cast. So what is the crowd saying?

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The best team won. NZ ABs Beaten at home by South Africa. The best result for Rugby.
I dont mind that the Springboks won, they played courageously. I mind that the ABs didnt practice / attempt a dropgoal. Shades of 2007 all over again.1131141HaveAnotherOne
One of his brothers was even worse than him.931018BuzzKill
Im actually glad we lost we needed it. Those new players need to no what it feels like and to know that the all blacks are not unstoppable. Thank you South Africa well done. You guys came.over here and played out of your skins. Also was a great game watch in my mind. 67692Matt McGrath
Well, Barrett Fan Boys. This is what happens without a World Class Goal Kicker. 2 from 6. Theres the reason for your loss...

You think we are go9ng to try score the opposition off the park every week. Dont be so arrogant.

This will bite us in the bum come RWC2019 if he cant raise his game off the tee...
The herald â˜missed kicks cost game but to be fair the springboks brought the passion. & bloody good on them....60611nuaboy69
Good on ya South Africa well deserved.. 60611Heath Panirau
Anyone doubting that Barretts goal kicking will cost us wins now?. World cup finals etc are usually very close, and our goal kicker is rubbish and has been forever.55616Bobby George
Great game from the Boks - a lot of errors and a couple of brain fades from the ABs.  Better team won on the night.50533Prestige
Ben Smith should have been fullback for 80 mins. Giving Jordie a token game backfired big time.49545BuzzKill
Yup bang in Steve, been saying B.B. goal kicking is an absolute shambles since day dot. ABs coaching staff have have relied to much in his ball carrying skills rather than his goal kicking. We would have been in front if he had of got 3/4 of his kicks over!! But good on the Boks, that was an awesome defensive effort from them and a result I really enjoyed by. 48535EXKP
why no dropped goal...?48524tightheadtony
Darn right. Rush defence and Beauden goes to pieces. Mounga in his first test showed better #10 skills than Beauden did tonight. When Beauden cant get time and space, he is a liability.428139Mr Zen
Great match the boks were astonishing on defence but the Barrett backs were not great today and the calls for Moanga at 10 and beauden  at 15 just amped up 416019Spirax
Smith at 15 all day mate.41421BenjA
EXACTLY. Frog goal in the last minute. If he misses, there is still a chance to score from the dropout. Who do you blame? Read the Captain for not arranging this, or Beauden for not having faith. Every single nation in the world given this opportunity would try for drop goal41410PaulWatson
Add a second Barret brother to that not so flash under pressure list......but there is nothing like a real pressure game to test people and more importantly to learn from. You dont get any better romping home on easy games. 40466Quinquagenarian
Maybe now we will stop saying that Beauden Barrett is better than one Dan Carter!39478grumpy31
Imagine the best player in the world missing two-thirds of his kicks.39423Toffeenix

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