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Headline: New Zealand to ban single-use plastic bags

In total 1295 comments were made and 19954 votes were cast. So what is the crowd saying?

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98% of people agree "Bring back the glass milk bottle!" is one of the solutions to our plastic crisis.

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what is a single use bag. i use supermarket bags for other things as well9714144DavidCorner;
I hope the PM is using cloth nappies for her child, and not disposables, which take years to decompose.68768publicvoting?
NZ Dollar tanking, Economy in slowdown, Business confidence at an all time low, Nurses and Teachers going out on strike, major construction companies going broke despite a housing shortage, ......... and this is what this Government chooses to focus on, seriously?6810436By Stander
While I really support the drive towards eradicating plastic this is really low hanging fruit when you look at all the other rubbish that comes from a supermarket. Ironically I dont think I have ever used a plastic bag just once where as all the other wrappers have no other purpose. Lets get really creative about this. 687810Penelope
How about the Government really flex its muscle and ban one off packaging thats not fully recyclable in NZ? 64706Mark C Bennett
What about single use council rubbish bags? When are they going to be phased out?54584Vortex
What also concerns me is the huge amount of Sushi containers that get used for 5mins and then thrown out, surely there must be a greener alternative? I personally think these should be next on the hit list.
Lets ban single use MPs as well, we would save millions42475Arniem
Bring back the glass milk bottle!38391sl944599
its a start though isnt it? better to make small steps instead of non at all 375215tom pom
Plastic bags are the easy target, but some of the alternatives are not great for the environment either - in terms of water use, energy used, carbon footprints and pollution outputs. But will make the Greenies feel good. 

Most single-use bags come from supermarkets - just take a look at how much excess packaging and waste comes from what you buy - waaaaay more than single use plastic bags. Recycling is good - but better not to use in the first place. 
37436Jackal The
Time to stock up on bin liners.
So does this affect council rubbish bags? If so, what is the alternative going to be?
What about the dog poo bags? Whats the alternative for those going to be?
Back at work after a period away. NZ Dollar sliding, economy in trouble, spending blow out, business confidence low. Lots of important things for the Prime Minister to address and she decides that her priority is to ban plastic bags. No idea.365620WalV
The most important Prime Ministerial issue of the day; plastic bags. From Nanny State under Helen Clark to Ninny State under Jacinda Ardern.  Do we need the government to tell us how to live our lives? 344612notmetoo
Great, But, the plastic bags you use is nothing compared to all the plastic your food items are wrapped in.... You hardly ever see plastic bags in the environment, its more drink bottles, cans, BK bags and ice-cream wrappers34384Ali-G
Its more about the way people use those bags. Theres no such thing as single use plastic bags for my household. We fold them and keep them to reuse them. 33363Maria Brimstone
So instead of using the bags I get for free from the supermarket as rubbish bags, I now have to buy plastic rubbish bags?334613annon
disposable nappies next thanks33352Jane

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