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Headline: KiwiBuild: Couples earning up to $180k will be able to buy homes

In total 966 comments were made and 14669 votes were cast. So what is the crowd saying?

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Holy Moly!I thought we were on an average salary but going by those numbers we must be low income. And we live just fine with a couple kids and no handouts.Time I asked for a substantial pay rise!Ha ha ,yeah right.2052116Manda
How is this going to help those on low incomes and caught in the rent trap? Are we still going to have a homeless population as we do now?1881979in2it
What a laugh, How many of us earn $90,000 each per year? Im sorry but thats a dream figure for most people, the cost of living in this country is constantly on the up while the wage barely budges. This entire scheme is exactly that, a scheme. Doesnt help low/middle income kiwis in the least. 15716811Randellnz
So no affordable homes? 1501577EASTERN
70% of us dont earn that, what bloody cloud are some on?1451505icare10
I donâ't think these guys want a second term. They campaigned about NZ for NZers. Reneg reneg reneg14315310bjb
This is just craziness. The average kiwi is still not going to be able to buy one of these kiwibuild ghost houses. And if they do manage to magically qualify, you can bet your bottom dollar they will on sell it in three years time, making a killing from capital gain, and all thanks to the taxpayer.
Its bad enough that Phil thinks the people of this country are dumb enough to believe him. But the rest of the Labour party are going along with it as well. Roll on 2020.
Tell him hes dreamin.12713710Peter C
Is it just me, but finding out that the financial year their now saying is their time frame, is a bit of goal post shifting?1271336Geoff P
these are not for people struggling to buy a home on a living wage these homes are for rich people and foreigners this government are a bunch of liars. you promised affordable housing and you failed to deliver looks like young people will be living in there cars just like the last 9 years not alot changed! lets do this.1211309Porkbonesandpuha
roll forward to 2020 - bye, bye Phil...................11712811otarafleamarket
youre right on the money mate. people on 90k should look after themselves1161226truthbetold
they are not homes that ardern described. they are just apartments. private sector can supply at same or less11312613Consider
Hahahaha So you have to be earning 120K a year for an individual.. and 180 a year as a couple do I have that correct? And news flash egg head you can already buy a brand new house in Canterbury for 450 in many cases. What a super brain. Who the hell ready earns $120,000 a year in the South Island and doesnt own a house? thats huge money. Hahaha Kiwibuild homes.. its Auckland build homes and Labour are smoke and mirrors as usual. If I was on 120 a year mate id be on holiday and have 3 rentals by now. 10813527CraigMarkos
And how many ordinary couples earn $180k on and run a family?
1031074EyeSpy .
600k for a 2bed home is not should be 3000 homes to be built over 10yrs .stop with these promises that you are ramming down our throats!1011076Texas11
I would suggest those individuals earning 120k or couples earning 180k should have to look after themselves , as there are many many couples in this country whose combined income is less than 80k. This is evidence of a government of highly paid people making the rules for low paid people. completely out of touch. 9410511truthbetold
So as I read it this, Mr Peters Firsts selected government will be giving away a 3 bedroom house in Auckland for $600k in term 3 of their term.Mr Peters First,can you please tell the taxpayer of NZ is how much the taxpayer of NZ will be contributing, or giving away on each of these houses.So after three years, who ever is selected to purchase these houses can sell and bolt with what I suggest a very good capital gain.This project certainly wont help those sleeping in cars or solo mum with 8 kids.9310310HFord

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