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Projects - Wisdom of the Crowd
Our wisdom of the crowds project can be simply defined as being, "The potential of Crowd intelligence is vastly underultilized in our democratic system" One could argue to be truely democratic we should be harnessing the crowd intelligence or at least consulting this crowd for all major and important decisions. Using a system like the one built here demonstrates we don't need to spend tens of millions on referendums to get a democtratic answer to the common problems we face. Further reading:
Currently tracking 17,927 news articles. There have been 450,814 comments made and a total of 8,514,260 votes cast on these comments as from 25th May 2018.
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StuffNew Zealand to ban single-use plastic bags12951995410/08/2018 10:46:21 a.m.
Top Comment from Rodgher who wrote: Oh right and in the meantime every food item is still wrapped in plastic, every pallet delivered and stored at supermarkets is wrapped in metes of plastic and you think putting plastic wrapped groceries into a plastic bag is the problem!
StuffPrimary teachers and principals strike for first time since 199411752833215/08/2018 6:56:21 a.m.
StuffTreaty of Waitangi: What was lost1122280392/08/2018 12:06:23 a.m.
StuffCapital gains tax debate not over, Grant Robertson suggests10931530010/09/2018 9:56:24 a.m.
StuffBeing cold and rationing heating is now normal in New Zealand10691132725/05/2018 8:29:02 p.m.
StuffThe Springboks breathe life back into test rugby with stunning upset over New Zealand10351200715/09/2018 9:56:20 p.m.
StuffKiwiBuild: Couples earning up to $180k will be able to buy homes966146694/07/2018 5:06:23 a.m.
StuffNurses' Organisation ordered into facilitation with DHBs ahead of Thursday's strike9552116910/07/2018 5:46:19 p.m.
StuffWhen a $16k payrise only gives you $50 a week extra in hand after credits reduced9411845821/06/2018 5:16:33 a.m.
StuffTransmission Gully motorway looks likely to be user-pays after Labour shifts gears on tolling909220471/07/2018 5:06:21 p.m.
StuffBridges and Ardern in battle of the babies8893087629/07/2018 5:56:21 p.m.
StuffTeaching is a 'sweet gig' - there's no reason to strike, says deputy principal8731717115/08/2018 10:16:21 a.m.
StuffStriking teachers have lost the war, even if they win a small pay battle8411326421/08/2018 5:06:20 a.m.
StuffNZ Super isn't enough for 'no frills' lifestyle, but Kiwis are bridging the gap836825326/07/2018 5:06:21 a.m.
StuffNurses' union to announce result of latest pay offer from DHBs8251950118/06/2018 1:16:31 p.m.
StuffDonald Trump: The illegitimate US president7801576423/08/2018 6:36:20 a.m.
StuffMilking it: NZs milk price: Whos getting rich?780843220/08/2018 12:26:46 p.m.
StuffJohn Key delivers stark warning on the economy, endorses Simon Bridges as leader7612632629/07/2018 11:56:21 a.m.
StuffImmigration 'breather' halted for regions7511460423/06/2018 2:16:25 p.m.
StuffANZ warns the threat to activity 'is real' as business confidence stays in the doldrums7481996730/08/2018 1:36:20 p.m.

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